I have around $1000 into building and keeping the new site running.  And Lots of hours (who’s counting?).

That is not a complaint – I’m proud of what we produced here and the functionality, look, and usefulness of it, and it has been a Labor of Love for these wonderful guitars.

Lately, about the past 6 months – I’ve had a problem keeping the site running properly due to the latest WordPress updates – it keeps breaking plugins needed to keep it running, and each time it is costing me $50-75 to get it fixed, 8-10 times now recently.

I am not looking to profit in any way from the site – just keep it running.  So of course not a requirement but if you like what we’re trying to do here, a small donation could help considerably.  It is a one time thing, not a subscription or recurring donation, and I thank you.

ADDED:  The site recently required a Theme update, which I’m afraid was over my head technically (I have never built a WordPress site before and this one has many customizations to make it function and be easy to update and maintain).

I greatly thank the 12 lovely people who recently sent donations to help keep the site alive – you’re awesome, and appreciated – and you know who you are!

And the site lives on!

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