I surely am.  All those guitars that were made during the 80’s.  My Standard Pro is fairly low numbered – 0202.  But I was told made in 91, and the EMG pickup designations bear that out.

What were the serials of all the guitars made in the 80’s?  Anyone know what the serials of those would be?


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  • Hello Valley Arts Enthusiast,
    I can shed some light on the very early Valley Arts Guitar serial numbers, I ordered mine in October of 1983 and received it in January of 1984. The serial number on my Valley Arts is VA 0107. Mike McGuire was the builder. Mike sent me a picture of an early Valley Arts Guitar he was building for Steve Lukather right around the same time as mine was being built. The serial number on Steve’s guitar was VA 0102. As I was looking at the picture Steves guitar, and was comparing it to mine, I noticed a small detail which can help you in establishing the authenticity of the guitars that Mike built:
    1. The serial number on the “back of the head stock” is engraved directly into the wood. No plates or stickers. Just carved directly into the wood. It is carved as follows: VA 0107 No hyphens
    2. The serial number as engraved on the “metal plate” where the neck attaches to the body is simply #0107. The metal plate excludes the letters “VA.” The # sign then the number- #0107. No letters.
    This information should clear up any questions about the Valley Arts serial numbers and establish the dates of some of the early guitars. I don’t have any information on the guitars that might exist below VA 0102.
    Other characteristics of Mike’s guitars that may help establish authenticity are as follows:
    The guitar itself is one piece quilted maple, not laminated, just one solid piece of quilted maple.
    The neck is made of a single piece of birds eye maple.
    The fretboard is ebony.
    The fret wire is Dunlop 6100 Jumbo Wire, which was what Mike recommended at the time.
    Electronic set ups were another unique characteristic of of Mikes guitars. Prior to the period of Mikes use of EMG pickups, he pioneered some wiring setups and pickup combinations (Mostly Seymour Duncans) from which he derived some of his classic sounds from that time period. These included Larry Carltons hit Sleepwalk, and many other of the famous Southern California Jazz/Rock sounds of the late 70’s to the mid 80’s. The wiring techniques that Mike created during those early days included pickup coil splitting and pickups combinations that he took with him when he became head of the Gibson custom shop.

    I would use these specs and characteristics to help verify that you have an authentic Mike McGuire built Valley Arts Guitar. The pictures of some of his other builds given to me by Mike at the time, along with comparison to my Valley Arts

  • Good day: could you tell me in what year and any reference data about this number of my guitar Valley Arts: VA 03590 I live in Argentina. Many thanks

    • Read the page on serial numbers in the News section – good information there that will tell you your guitar is likely a Samick Transition model

  • Hello, I am Julien fromFrance. bravo for your site !!!

    I am looking for a valley art custom pro sunburst ou lukather

    Do you know where I can buy one?


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