I was thinking (scary huh?) and decided it could perhaps be a good idea to create a section in the Registry for Guitars for Sale, in case someone stumbles on here looking for a Genuine PS/PG – VA.

I only added this about a month ago, and forgot I even did it until someone just asked me in email about site traffic and if this is a good place for someone to find a VA if they are looking.

So, if I forgot to list one that is for sale (I’ve been putting it in the individual listing title) please send me a gentle reminder, and hopefully it will be useful both for buyers and sellers, as the site is quite easy to find in google for anyone searching for Valley Arts Guitars.  Tonight I will go thru the listing and be sure I properly listed them all that are for sale.

Please don’t ask for Samick or “Transition” or Gibson guitars to be listed there, this is strictly for we “purist snobs” LOL

So scroll to the bottom on the registry page (and I’ll include that at the top) to see guitars that I’ve been notified are for sale.

4 Thoughts on “Valley Arts Guitars for Sale”

  • Hi, I have a VA02304 1991 Custom Pro that has never been played and still has the original protector on the neck.
    Wondering on the value of this guitar?

    • Best I can tell you is to watch ebay and reverb – I see what they ask, but only by seeing the Sold items can you get a real value. I see prices all over the map, from around $2000 to as high as $6000. But I’m pretty sure virtually none go for as high as they ask, as I watch them all the time, and they seem to stay for sale for a very long time.

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