This is a site devoted to the Golden Years when Valley Arts Guitars was an independent boutique guitar company located in California, before the sale to Samick, and later Gibson.
Mike McGuire and Al Carness founded the company in the mid-1970s in North Hollywood, California, a district of Los Angeles, California in the San Fernando Valley. The name "Valley Arts" is a reference to the firm's original location. Martin Miranda was the General Manager.
Artist Models - Larry Carlton
Artist models were created to exacting specifications, including the Larry Carlton Standard Pro, and the Steve Lukather model.
Larry Carlton Standard Pro
Artist Series Larry Carlton Standard Pro, made to Larry's exacting specifications, each personally signed and numbered on the back of the headstock by Larry. Only 100 numbered hand signed were ever made, sold out in 2 days. 24 frets with 24.75" scale length.
Steve Lukather Artist Series Custom Pro
Lukather Series in Fireburst with VA Branded Floyd Rose Tremolo - 22 frets 25.5" Scale Length
Steve Lukather Robot Guitar
Steve Lukather's Custom Graphics Valley Arts Strat Style - 22 frets Standard 25.5" scale.
Valley Arts Custom Pro Models
Beautiful Figured Maple tops were available with a myriad of custom options and colors - Midnight Blue, Forest Green, Emerald Green, Trans Red, Trans Black, Trans Purple, Antique Burst, Fireburst, Tri-color Burst. Ebony fretboard, choice of pickups EMG or Seymour Duncan, locking or non-locking tremolo, & scale length choice.
More Lukather Models
Attention to Details
Valley Arts are renowned for their meticulous attention to detail.
Valley Arts M Series
M Series Guitars Japanese made - Quilted soft maple, Alder, White ash, Flamed top, and Mahogany woods used, Ebony or Rosewood fretboards, both 22 fret and 24 fret. Floyd Rose style locking bridge or stop tail.


Hello and welcome. This is the website dedicated to Valley Arts Guitars built before the company was sold to Samick. This site is dedicated to Valley Arts Guitars built prior to 1993, when the company was sold. So on this site, the guitars we are referring to were built during that era. We feel there is/was a special magic to the original Valley Arts guitars, as they have turned into collectors items. We are not claiming guitars built later are inferior, but simply have a preference for vintage Valley Arts built prior to the company being sold completely to Samick in 1993 and the trademark being sold to Gibson most recently. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can email (link on contact us page) for more information or questions.

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