Pre-Valley Arts

More shop photos - thanks Tommy Denander! (Last Pic is Abe Laboriel throwing down)

Larry Carlton backing up Duane Eddy at the Studio City store - thanks Bill! ***NOTE: this photo appeared in the Japanese article on Mike McGuire. Taken by Bill Folwell!

Duane Eddy in one of the concerts held at the Studio City store - thanks Bill!

Photos from the music store and workshop - thanks Bill!

Now this is cool - photo taken from a japanese article of the VA workshop, notice the 'teardrop' guitar body (underneath the two guitar necks) on the bench. That is the VA John Crawford Bass body before it was built.

Bob wiring some pickups and Bob and Mike assessing the guitars due to be made - thanks Bill!

Some guitar bodies and necks on the floor and Regellio spraying neck for VA0192 (anyone got it? Here's a shot of your guitar being made!!!) - thanks Bill!

'88 NAMM Show - Thank you Tommy Denander

Larry Carlton at the 91 NAMM concert - submitted by Judy Heiser (VA employee 87-92)

Few Characters you may recognize at the 1988 VA NAMM booth - thanks James Bradshaw

Valley Arts Music Bag submitted by Ola Wiklund - thanks!

More Shop photos submitted by James Bradshaw - I think I see my Standard Pro on that wall of guitars - lol