Please send all guitar registry entries or corrections to The new software makes it way easier to add and complete in a timely manner.  Please copy and paste the questions, with answers, below into your email and send a bunch of photos as attachments (we can take 20 or more photos easily):

  1. Your name
  2. Email address 
  3. Where do you live?  (City and Country?)
  4. Model  (Standard, Custom, M Series, Larry Carlton, Lukather, etc)
  5. Serial number
  6. What year if known, purchased new or used?
  7. For sale?
  8. Any additional information you’d like mentioned: build specs (wood, fretboard, custom color, pickups, bridge, changes, etc).  Where/how did you buy or acquire it?  Has the guitar been modified (if known), any special story or history that you are aware of, etc.  The story or history adds to the interest and appeal.   The longer the story – the better!
  9. Pictures of the guitar – Picture Guidelines are: no limit on photos, and we can use larger pictures than the previous registry – the software will resize them automatically, so we should be able to see more detail.  I think it’s also good to have a shot of the serial number to help if you ever need proof of ownership.
  10. Kewl!  FWIW I just figured out how to add a youtube video of yourself playing it, so feel free to submit one of those as well!   See Custom Pro VA00775 for example.

~~~Please note:  If you have purchased a guitar that is already in the registry, I will create a new listing and mark the previous one sold. We want this to be a useful resource both for research and as a record of ownership. Thanks!~~~

ADDED March 2018 – For Sale Section:

Scroll to the bottom of the Registry page, and you may notice the new category I created to list Guitars currently For Sale.  It is down at the bottom of the registry categories…I had to use the XXX’s to make them sort alphabetically – but I guess you could also call it Guitar Porn.

If you have an original for sale, I can also add it to that section in case someone is looking for one.  But no Samicks or Gibsons Please, only Pre-Samick. Any transactions are strictly the responsibility of the participants, not the owners of this site.  We would request the seller notify the new owner of the sale to update it with us here, so we can update and keep current us lucky “Smartest Guitar Owners Club” properly attributed!

Please don’t ask for Samick or “Transition” guitars to be listed there, this is for we “purist snobs” LOL – and strictly as a convenience for someone looking to join that Smartest Dudez Club..

California Pro

Carlton Signature Series

Custom Pro

Custom Pro Bass

M Series

Non serial number VA's

Standard Pro

XXX - Guitars for Sale - XXX