Steve Lukather with his Robot Valley Arts

Here are the scanned photos of Carlton's Valley Arts 336. Gibson commissioned Valley Arts to make this as a prototype, but never followed through to add it to their line. This was roughly 1983. Larry first used it on the "Friends" LP. If my memory serves me right it has a mahogany back with a carved maple top. I don't recall if its semi-hollow like a 335. (probably is though) The body is slightly smaller than a 335 and slightly asymmetric. Interestingly enough, after Mike McGuire became the head honcho at the Gibson Custom Shop, you could order an ES-336 (starting in 1996). The ES-336 coincidently had a semi-hollow mahogany body with a carved maple top. And, it was slightly smaller than a 335. The ES-336 was discontinued in 1999. Now days you can order a CS-336 from the Custom Shop. The CS has features very similar to the ES-336 and the grandfather of them all the VA-336. Submitted by Bill Folwell ... THANKS BILL!!!

Original VA Neon Sign from a music shop in Kansas

1979 receipt from the shop ... one of the early logos ... two from 1986. Submitted by Tim Rasmussen