Please understand…. we have day jobs, and sometimes nighttime as well. This is simply a labor of love for this period of these wonderfully crafted instruments.  We will try to answer all emails in a timely manner. Thanks so much for your interest in the site.  With your help we can continue to make it better.

Also please understand, this site is devoted only to Pre-Samick Valley Arts, therefore we have no knowledge of guitars built after the Samick Sale, and can’t advise on anything like value, year made, etc.  We can only possibly give you information if it is Pre-Samick.

The guitars marked as For Sale in the registry is/are done as a convenience for someone who may want to join this “exclusive club”.  But the owners of this site bear no responsibility in any transactions.

Any guitars that are not Pre-Samick:  If you’re looking for valuations, I have found the best place is to check ebay sold listings.  Not the For Sale stuff, so much of it is drastically overpriced and has been there for a very long time – asking prices are way different than completed sales.
ADDED: I get quite a few emailed requests to price guitars, both Pre and Post-Samick – my best answer is “I don’t know.”  Not trying to be a smartass – but check ebay and reverb’s selling prices (not asking) – sorry…

And we get a lot of questions about dating, is this a pre-Samick, etc.  There are a lot of resources found in the News Link at the top which answers pretty much all of them.  Please peruse thru them and you will very likely find your answer there.

Martin Miranda:
all questions on VA’s, authenticity, age, appraisal requests, etc.
Jonathon B:
all web site issues (questions, requests and problems) registry questions, etc.  The geeky stuff.