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  • Hello VA. I need your help. I have a 73 Strat that I had VA mod the electronics for me back in the summer of 82, or 83. It had a Mighty Mite pick guard assembly rigged up with 3 DPDT switches. I was a huge Larry Carlton fan at the time and could not figure out how he got certain sounds on his Strikes Twice album. I read an article GP did with him around that time and he stated it was recorded with a Strat VA had done for him. I called VA and talked to one of the techs who either did the work on that Strat or at least helped with the mods. He knew exactly what I was wanting. I had a friend who was going to L.A. that summer for some session work and I made arrangements for him to bring my Strat to VA to have it done. I also sent 3 brand new Seymore Duncan stacked humbucker single coil sized pups with it. Whatever was done to it was incredible. 2 years ago I had some work done and the guy messed up the connections. The VA mods were lost and the idiot wired it Dan Armmstrong style, which sucks compared to what it was. The unusual thing about the VA wiring is the phase control. Top pot was M vol. Bottom pot was M tone. I don’t know how to explain this right but somehow the middle pot would roll between full forward phase and full reverse phase if 2 pups were on. It was Infinite sound between phase. Never seen that set up on any other guitar before. The middle pot control was pretty much the holy grail thing for me. Please let me know if anyone remembers anything like what I am describing. I have searched endlessly through hundreds of wiring diagrams and can’t find it. The phase thing is fairly standard. The phase blending middle pot thing is not at all. It’s the key to your mod. FYI. The 3 DPDT switches were set up in the on-off-on style. Forward phase on, off, reverse phase on. No blade switch.

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