Someone asked if I could make the color obvious in the listings in the registry.  I said sorry I could not as the registry was all added manually guitar by guitar, and it would have been a huge task.  (I have a day job – lol)

Well last night I realized you can use the search box on the registry page, and it does indeed search the descriptions as well, so you can search “blue” or “white” (no quotes) and find the ones of that color.

Have fun with it!

13 Thoughts on “Searching registry for colors”

  • Hi, I own a Valley Arts Custom Pro, the one with bird eye rosewood neck, without a pick guard. It is a fantastic sounding instrument which I’ve been playing since 1993. It is likely to be produced before it was sold to Samick. What should I call this model? It has two single coils and a humbucker at the bridge. They are EMGs . It seems to be very rare Instrument, because I never see it catalogued anywhere. Also what is its value?

    • Without a serial number, it’s hard for me to guess. It should say Custom Pro or something on the headstock, unless it has been finished over.

  • I I have purchased a Valley Arts Sunburst 3 pickup Stratocaster. The S/N is: CAL 01238. Can you give me information on this guitar. On the steel plate located on the back of the guitar, it is stamped Made in USA. I am unable to locate the serial number. Thank you very much!
    Howard Bailey

  • Hi!
    I would be grateful if you could tell me some info on a Valley Arts Studio Pro.
    It has serial number: VA03456.
    It is stamped USA under the serial.
    Has two EMG pickups one humbucker and one single coil.

  • Mike built mine in 1987 I believe S/N 233 . It was everything promised and more , At that time I worked at Freedom Guitar , Sunset & Gardner , some guy came in and said he had a nice guitar he wanted 100.00 and a cheap acoustic. He open the case it was VA 133 . Of course I made the deal .something didn’t sit right . I call Mike sure enough the guy who bought it 5 years earlier had it for a week .they busted out the window and took it he had it for one week . I called him and said you don’t know me but I’m about to make your day i bought Your valley arts and would like to return it . It was a great day for both of us .

    • I’ve heard a story identical about a Valley Arts guitar (Red Color) that belonged to Jazz Guitarist Nils Jiptner. He owned it for a short time then someone broke into his vehicle and took it. Years later a fellow from a Guitar shop had acquired this guitar from someone off the street and had done the research on the serial #, called and told Nils he had his old guitar and he ended up getting it back. Great minded people in the Guitar community to do something like this to right a wrong. What a Blessing!

  • Hi,

    Do you have any more info on the M series MIJ VA guitars, I cant seem to find much info on them?

    I am looking at one on ebay, blonde HSS, with pups possibly replaced with the humbucker replaced with a single. its serial number is VB 203, it says circa 1980’s , however I didn’t think they were being made in Japan at that time?

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