Owner: manuel lopez blanco
Email: manolopezblanco@me.com
Country: Deventer, Holland
Model: body of a larry carlton standard pro
S/N: VA1706
Year: 91
For Sale: Maybe

this body came up on marktplaats a dutch ebay like comunity.it belonged to Jack Heizer he was the first and original owner of the guitar.he told me that he was a massief larry carlton fan and bought the year it came out on the marked. he could not get along with the body(sound wise) ,he tried everything even putting a middle (single coil) pick-up in there.he decided to build a new body by guitar builder voxhumana in vlaardingen putting the original neck on there and was happy.so he sold the body on marktplaats. Strange thing is that these body's where made of Honduras mahogany what in guitar community is seen as superior or something that is no more..i personal don’t let me guide by such things but its is a very lightweight body for mahogany.for a while i had a standard pro neck on there from a valley arts standard pro VA 424 that a also own but the fit was a tinny bit of so a toke it off.the color is not trans cream but more like a telecaster blond it is the original finish as you can see in the pictures . I like maybe a neck on there from somebody who worked in the original valley arts neck department. hardware is now schaller rolling tune o matic, pick ups P90 are from a true historic 54 les paul.