Owner: Edward Harry
Email: edwoodca@yahoo.com
Country: USA
Model: Standard Pro
S/N: 0923
Year: 91-92
For Sale: Yes

ll stock: candy apple red Standard Pro, 22 fret, 25.5" scale, EMG S/S/H [IB date code], Kahler Floyd Rose, VA fret protector, strap locks, allen wrenches, receipts. Back of headstock has "0923" s/n but with no "VA" before the s/n. The body's control cavity has 0838 in a gold/yellow marker. The end of the neck heel has: "NQ 805 - [blk sq] - RB KA [These last four characters are a bit illegible, so are likely incorrect.] Body neck pocket has "HB" in black marker, and what looks like a faint 'CK' in blue pen. I can't make out the ink stamp on the neck heel, looks like a partial 'B' in faded black/purple. Neck's truss rod access opening is square shaped [indicates LaSido sourced]. Light birdseye on back of neck. Finish is slightly transparent, faintly showing the grain/figure in a couple spots. Original body rout for H/S/H.
Best friend since 1990 bought it A# Music Co, Renton, WA in March 1994. $1400 list price, but discounted to $1075 as a sale price, with non-logo tolex case [for sale with new molded plastic HSC, though.]
No modifications, just a piece of white packing foam sheet to replace the original black light density foam that has disintegrated, for the 9v battery.
My best friend bought it when he moved back to Seattle for a couple years, then over the years, he moved back to So. Cal. and he gave it to me as partial payment/thanks for helping him out financially. Then, after many more years as a case queen the guitar went back to him since the roles had reversed and he helped me out financially. Plus, I had gone on to blow past his number of guitars [30+ vs 4] and didn't really need to keep it. [sacrilegious, I know...]. Then, he moved back to Seattle for family reasons, and once again left the guitar with me, with his blessing to sell it if I needed the money. Four months later, I fell off a platform and fractured 3 vertebra and was out of work for 10 months. I'm still playing catch-up with bills, but grateful to be walking and talking. So... now this Standard Pro that has only gone back and forth between my best friend and I for 23+ years is now finally ready for a new home.