Owner: Bottacin Maurizio
Email: iciobotta@libero.it
Country: Marcon ( Ve ) Italy
Model: Custom Pro
S/N: VA0793
Year: 06/27/90
For Sale: No

Before this I had another one, bought new in 1990 cream color like that of Larry Carlton model but with Floyd Rose bridge and logo in the upper horn, then sold for some painting defects a few years ago because I could not play it anymore from the annoyance that created me. I found this on Reverb.com and taken it right away. It was like it never left! Happy!

I see now that there is another Custom Pro with the sn 793. I think it's wrong! I do not think mine is a fake, I was adorned with the original certificate and custody the same as what I had on my other Custom Pro. Error?