Owner: Vincent QUENTEL
Email: vincent.quentel@gmail.com
Country: Lorient, France
Model: Standard Pro 24 fret
S/N: 792
Year: Bought new in July 1995 in a Guitar Shop in France (date of production not known)
For Sale: No

Body Wood : not known for sure (the paint is solid so it’s impossible to see if it is basswood, alder or ash…). However, it seems to me that the standard pro (solid) line had an alder body
Neck wood : 25,5 scale maple neck (tarnished with age and use ! see the pic)
Fretboard : 22 frets rosewood fretboard
color : solid red
Pickups : original EMG's in SSH configuration
Bridge : Floyd by Gotoh
Changes : absolutely no changes since 1995 (!) apart a refretting

Where did you buy it : in a Shop named "Guitar Shop" in Nantes, France
***How did you buy it : It is a strange story: the French distributor of the Time (S.M.I) sold certain Valley arts in kit: one could buy separately a Valley arts body (with all the electronic and Floyd already installed) and a Valley arts Neck. Then, it was directly assembled in the Shop…***