Owner: James Gabrielson
Email: Jimga99@gmail.com
Country: Carlsbad, CA USA
Model: Custom Pro
S/N: VA0473
Year: 1989
For Sale: YES

Listed for sale here is my 1990 Valley Arts Custom Pro. This guitar is in excellent condition and shows only minimal signs of normal playing wear. This was my main guitar for several years and since the mid 90s has sat mostly unplayed when I moved to acoustic guitar as my focus. I commissioned this guitar as a custom build-to-order in 1989 and worked closely with Mike McGuire and Al Carness at their factory in North Hollywood, California to select woods and hardware to meet my specifications. Here are the details:
Body: one-piece swamp ash
Neck: Figured maple with Valley Arts Interlocking joint system
Fretboard: Rosewood
Fretboard radius: 12”
Frets: original 6100 jumbos re-fretted to 6130 medium jumbos
Scale length: standard Strat 25.5”
Pickups: Bridge - Seymour Duncan Jeff Beck Humbucker / Mid & Neck - Seymour Duncan single coil Strat (not sure which model?)
Finish: Fireburst
Floyd Rose locking tremolo
Weight: approx. 8.6 lbs
Serial Number: VA 0473
Switching: The humbucker’s coils are split when the single push pot/volume control is in the ‘up” position. In this position you have three single-coil pickups so it acts as a standard Strat would. These three coils are wired to three switches, allowing you to select which pickups are active at any time. When the push pot is in the “down” position, both coils of the humbucker are active, full volume. This custom wiring was at my request to provide the most versatility.
Thanks for your interest!