Owner: Eric
Email: fish@mybluegilldotcom
Country: Atlanta, GA
Model: Custom Pro
S/N: VA0304
Year: 1988
For Sale: Yes

The owner showed up on the facebook site, so updating.
Atlanta GA. For sale. 1988 VA Custom Pro #304. Canary Yellow. Please see all attached pics. Guitar has been thoroughly authenticated by Martin Miranda (first VA shop general manager) and Rick Wheeler (Larry Carlton and Robben Ford's tech). **This is the first swamp ash produced by VA**. Original owner's name stamped on the neck plate. Both Rick Wheeler and Martin Miranda state they were personally acquainted with the original owner, a VA store employee. This guitar was referred to as a "Custom Custom" since it was a commission build. Both Martin and Rick have personally examined this instrument. All stock original. Original case. Original VA fret protector. Original Kahler manual. 24 fret. 7/8 body. Lacquer finish with checking, dings and a few chips--again, see photos. Exceptionally resonant instrument. Brand new frets, dressed and guitar freshly setup. Maple neck 1 5/8 with a very slim depth. Plays very fast. Brazilian Rosewood fretboard. Passive pickups, SSH Tom Anderson SK1's and an HN2 at the bridge. Exceptional sound, sustain. Switcheroo three way toggle system. Kahler tremolo. Black hardware.