Owner: Luis Manuel Lopez Blanco
Email: manolopezblanco@me.com
Country: Deventer, Holland
Model: Custom Pro T
S/N: VA02065
Year: 91?
For Sale: No

i bought it in 2016 from a small (house)dealer in Apeldoorn called RJV Guitars.he said it came from Italy .before i bought it i contacted Martin Miranda because it was a 7/8 guitar ,24 frets with 2 hum-buckers and a single coil in middle .never saw one with that configuration but he said that sometimes things where done to guitars specifically for the customer the guitar is very well used has a lot of ding and dongs all over.the custom pro gold logo has also faded over the years(but is still visible under good light circumstances ). the only modification is that i (always)removed the string trees for a straight string pull from the nut.the pick-ups are from Seymour Duncan. , ebony fretboard ,quilted maple bent top in transgreen.