Owner: Lawrence Woodworth aka Loo Woo
Email: loowood@comcast.net
Country: Willows, California
Model: Custom Pro
S/N: VA01973
For Sale: Everything is for sale...what time is the show? What time can you be there?

EMG's S/S/H Floyd Lic. I have worn all the parts out twice and put over 5K of hours of live performances on each of these 2 guitars, not including recording, practicing, learning & rehearsal time.
#1 - VA 01973 according to your serial #'s there is a space for this guitar in your registry, does the space between the VA and the #'s mean anything? Although I let the Samick people fix some warranty issues...Biggest point is this one has been rode hard and put away wet and it has been set up by some of the best techs and plays great, stays in tune from old ballads to dive bombers from hell. ;-)
I purchased this mint / new over the phone from Spitzer's Music Hollywood / LA? Who knows how long it had been there waiting for me. ( I can't find a thing about them on the net, strange ) Hollywood LA? It was behind the cash registers on the wall, the last one anyone knew of, that was unplayed or purchased and stashed, or so I was told / sold over the phone. ;-) I did 100% of all the wear on this great guitar
For sale? Everything is for sale...what time is the show? What time can you be there?
Around 1991 I inherited a small sum of money and I could finally afford my dream rig. So in search of a VA Custom Pro as before i could barely afford the California Pro at $1100.00 at Guitar Showcase in Campbell / San Jose Ca. The 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake changed my life, as I was at Lake Tahoe on a whim / vibe / intuition to get otta town instead of going to work from Los Gatos to Santa Cruz a typical temporary day gig for a working cover guitarist in the south bay area. Yup a landscaper. OK so sight unseen, I bought my Trans Red 7/8th Cutom Pro over the phone and they mailed me the attached info prior to it's arrival, perhaps I had put a down payment or layaway waiting for money from NYC. I had it all spent on gear before the check was in my hand. I remember my keyboardist friend and the UPS driver an my 2nd ex wife all gathering around to see what a $2100.00 super guitar looked like and being completely bummed that it was so much brighter of a red color then the photo they had sent me.
Side note in one night I left my red guitar in the car, after driving 650 miles from Reno to Sun Valley / Ketchum Id to start my annual 8 weeks at the Sun Valley Lodge / Ski Resort doing 1.5 shows a day apre ski. The whole body finish started checking in a bad way. I called about my warranty. By then I had played it to where the Floyd was corroded beyond repair and the EMG's were scalloped, you could hardly read the letters. The body would flake off clear coat with the slightest touch.
They "Samick" I worked with a guy who claimed he was still from VA just trying to get through the day. I bought a replacement while they put all new parts and a re-finish for 650 bucks. They did an overspray of clear coat I found out over time. Now it's reliced authentically by me.
They sent me one of those Samick Trans Orange with the inter lock system and the Goffy looking headstock. The neck fell off during the 1st show. i was appalled on all levels The guy on the phone said we will fix your problems. So they built me a Trans Black Quilted Maple Top, Birdseye Neck with an Ebony fretboard, no pick guard / rear loaded, same specs as my Red CP. That took 6-8 weeks as they were "Moving" I needed a solid guitar, PRS was new and I just couldn't do one...My Red CP arrived back while I played my vintage Strat which killed as it still has one of the 1st real Floyds. Then the new black one arrived. Literally it sounded radically darker, no shit. I felt burned but I got probably the last guitar that looks like a Valley Arts Custom Pro (they got the head stock and decals near right, made from scraps from on the floor or Warmoth parts. After that I just built my own guitars from Warmoth and dealt with EMG direct, I got REAL Floyd Rose parts and hired real luthiers. Became friends with Andy Brauer and bought that Gibson 1960 Custom Arts & Historic (in the video) that I sent to him to trick out. Around that time Andy was on tour with Al Demiola doing the "Return to Forever" re-union world tour and he had turned Al on to the "new" secret snake covered PRS heads that were supposed to be Duane Allman's Marshall cloned or blue printed...but I digress
Do to the index #'s on the left this story is kinda outta order, sorry discombobulated / guitarded
I belong to DAM - Mothers against dyslexia
I had been lusting that guitar in the promo package for weeks. I played the Red guitar until it felt right and then decided to get a twin in a different color as i was now in a classic rock show band doing 3 shows a night / 6 nights a week / 48 weeks a year. We were booked for the next year in full by Halloween every year for about 12 years straight. I retired from the lounge lizard scene at the old age of 45 back in 2001 and these hot rods have been used very sparingly for some cover videos on Youtube. I can see by my own hand writing and the dates and the serial #'s that the Black one might be one of the last transitional VA guitars. Oh yeah they told me the Samick that the neck fell of while playing in public was on a wall of guitars at the NAMM show that fell over, yeah and my dog ate my homework, Ha-ha...
Pics and some scans are to be attached.
Here are some links to both guitars and the LP mentioned Jamming with Toto minus Luke as I had the Master stems from Jammit the learning app. Please read the more info under each of the videos there are links.
Childs Anthem - Toto - Jammitt Red GTR https://youtu.be/mImrSX-OciI
I'll Supply The Love - Toto - Jammitt Black GTR https://youtu.be/i8DbmjWkIGs
Rebel Yell - Jammit - Billy Idol / Steve Stevens Black GTR decent close up solo! But it's a transitional one forsure 1995 it took many years for it to finally start to play right i now like it.
Both of the live "Louie Fontaine and the Rockets" Lake Tahoe and Wendover playlists are the VA's but they are both long shots from the FOH. They are old and sometimes hard to tell the color.