Owner: Eric Mommejac
Email: Liondor46@me.com
Country: France - Southwest
Model: Custom Pro Trans Red
S/N: VA01542
Year: Used
For Sale: No

To add up to the registry of VA, here is a custom pro purchased in China under number # VA 01542.

Here is a VA quite heavily used, as observed when I acquired the instrument as second hand in China. This custom pro was long years owned by a top Chinese musician.
Heavy worn out on the neck, some work was to clean the damaged varnish (sticky) on the maple back, yet frets quality was still acceptable and nice ebony fretboard. Slight flamed maple.
I had to replace the black pickguard as damaged by installing different set of pickups. When sold, luckily the EMG were re-installed.
Vibrato bar replaced to new one as well as original tuners to locking ones. I am still having all the relic pieces that were provided upon the sale.
Body has Chinese inscription that I was reluctant to remove worrying about varnish damage. It has a screw mark (head of the 2 over the gold handwritten ‘2004’. I imagine this was possibly due to previous mounting of BOSS synth GK-2A pickup.
Acquired second hand from shop in China in 2015
EMG pickups (bridge humbucker reversed)
Volume and Tone control replaced with gold ones with pearly top.
Replacement of original tuner to locking tuners Planet Wave.
Floating Schaller bridge under patent Floyd Rose with replacement of string saddle parts & tremolo arm.
Pre-purchased booster installation located under pickguard.
New pickguard cut from french Luthier Godefroy Maruejouls - www.mjsguitars.net