Owner: Jonathon Boundy
Email: bloomz@gmail.com
Country: USA - Oregon
Model: Larry Carlton Standard Pro Signature Numbered 83/100
S/N: VA01346 #83/100
Year: 1991
For Sale: Maybe

I got this last January while abroad, negotiated with the seller via email. He is a studio musician in Nashville, John Willis, who had bought new it on the first day of sales, used it on several hit country records, and stored away for many years.
From Original Owner:
"Yes It was new
One of the first hundred of that model
I think Larry numbered them himself
Its been in my cartage trunk ever since
Been on quite a few country records
If you can find the Chad Brock single "Yes"
I know I played it on the second half of the guitar solo
Also Billy Dean's version of "We Just Disagree"
Its on that and that was live on the tracking of that song
They wouldn't let me fix it
What do I know?!?!?
Plenty more but those two stand out
Mostly because it was that guitar right into a blue Marshall"
I'd been looking for about 2 years for a reasonably priced one, in pristine condition, like I like all my guitars. And I found it. The condition is flawless, tho I don't know why it has a white nut, as all the other LC's I have seen have black nuts. This one is of course signed by Larry, #83/100. About a week after buying it, I still had not seen it because I was in Asia, another one came along, VA01299. I put in a bid on ebay for the other one, thinking it wouldn't happen, and in the middle of the night, my cell phone went *ding*, and I got it also. So I got to come home a few weeks later to TWO of these uber fine works of art. Here's a link to the other one, if it works


They're both bone stock of course, and play like dreams. I haven't taken the neck off it yet but will when I change the strings to the 7's I like, to see if there's dating on the neck heel, and post some gut shots then. Happy camper me.... And FWIW I worship the ground Larry plays on. I was lucky enough to see him from mid front row a couple years ago, at a very small intimate theater in Portland, and speak to him after the show - and - get a guitar pick (call me a groupie - 's ok - lol) and an autograph. Occasionally I play it with that very pick, but no channeling seems to be coming thru....