Owner: Soren Reiff
Email: soren@reiff.dk
Country: Sweden
Model: Custom Pro
S/N: 01007
Year: 1991
For Sale: Yes

Swamps ash body, maple neck, ebony fretboard, EMG pickups S/S/H - H has split, and it has middle/presence boost
One of the string locks seemed to be changed - can’t remember when. Else everything is original.
I bought it and a brown “twin” (ser num 1009) in 91. Used both of them for tons for sessions, livegigs, and tv-shows.
Among many of the show I did I remember I used this one on a TV-show with Randy Crawford … the brown one for another show with Robert Palmer.
I’ve had a guitar synth mounted on this red one - don’t know what I was thinking off … excuse me!! And it’s definitely used. The lack on the neck and back of the body is worn. I might have the backplate for the trem somewhere, the fretboard guard doesn’t exist anymore. Also has the hardbox for it.
I bought it back in 91 as new - a 7/8 custom pro - but I’m never using it - don’t know what I can expect to get for it - since it’s very used. Back then I played 2-300 gigs a year - and used this and a brown twin VA that I sold some years ago?
The finish has some damages cause of the use.
I guess on of the string locks is newer, can’t remember … but it’s noticeable that it isn’t gold. I have had mounted a Guitar synth on this … don’t know what I was thinking off - excuse me.
I think I have the backplate for the term somewhere in my moms old storage, don’t think I have the fretboard-protect anymore - else everything is original.