Owner: Andrew Heater
Email: andyrh1998@gmail.com
Country: New Jersey, US
Model: Custom Pro
S/N: 01007
Year: 1991, March 12
For Sale: No but, if there's an offer I can't refuse ;

Originally owned by Soren Reiff. Originally was from Denmark then 29 years later is now back in the United States. Specs: 2 piece Swamp Ash Body, Ebony fretboard, Birdseye Maple Neck, EMG 85/SA/SA, Kalher Locking Nut + Schaller Floyd Rose. Gold Hardware.
The neck had some pretty serious chunks of finish missing from it so I had to have it refinished by McGuire's Guitar Refinishing. The neck was also resigned my Michael McGuire ;)

Also when I bought my valley arts, it was missing the tremolo cover on the back and the two single coils were replaced. I emailed Soren and he told me who he sold it to and I found that guy on Facebook. He luckily still had the two original EMG single coils that came with the guitar so I bought them off of him. I asked Soren if he still had the original tremolo cover laying around by chance, and very luckily he said he found it a few weeks before I asked him about it. He then sent me the original tremolo cover back. So now my Valley Arts has all the original parts back on it after almost 30 years.