Owner: Vincent Wehren
Email: seorocker@outlook.com
Country: Seattle, Wa
Model: Custom Pro
S/N: VA00704
Year: 1992
For Sale: No

his black and red burst served as my main workhorse on the road and in the studio most of the '90s and early 2000's (and it does look the part). I acquired this guitar in the Netherlands around 1992.
Alder body, black and dark red sunburst, nitro lacquer that looks the part (with the kind of relic checking and wear people now pay extra for), VA chrome hardware.
Particularly slim maple neck with Indian rosewood fretboard. Fender scale, 22 frets. Like many (most?) all of this era VA's, body and neck parts as well as some of the hardware would have most likely been manufactured in Puyallup, WA at Warmoth before being shipped to CA for paint job etc.
Original EMG 85/SA/SA pickups.


The original Schaller (worn) was replaced with new Floyd Rose parts by Mike Lull. The original trem poles appeared to be from a Kahler setup.
Other than that, no mods, just some minor repairs some fret glue downs and dressing.