Owner: Stephen Lenker
Email: stephenlenker@gmail.com
Country: Dublin, Oh, USA
Model: Standard Pro - T shape - Interlock Neck
S/N: VA00474
Year: 1989 New and special ordered by my deceased brother, Ted Lenker
For Sale: No

The guitar was special ordered by my brother, Ted Lenker, Jr. who at the time was producing his own album. He started playing in 1966 on his 12th birthday and later in the 70’s signed with Columbia Records with his band, Tyler. He was an amazing guitar player who passed away at 38 in 1992. The Valley Arts he purchased was his favorite guitar and he loved the sound and sustain. I have many recordings from his sessions with it. The guitar has been in its original case since his death and only opened to polish and maintain it over the past 26 years. Amazingly, it’s in remarkable shape. I intend to carefully clean and polish it, put new strings on it, test the components and play it. I’m very happy to find this site and the people who seem to feel the same way about the mystic of VA guitars. I know my brother absolutely loved it and it was the talk of the music scene in central Ohio when he first purchased it!