Owner: Jonathon Boundy
Email: bloomz@gmail.com
Country: Oregon USA
Model: Standard Pro
S/N: 0202
Year: 1991, bought used but mint
For Sale: No

Brilliant white, black hardware, rosewood fretboard, active EMG's. Lovely white with black pickguard - EMG HSS, Valley Arts logo Kahler tremolo , tuners same, 24 frets 7/8 size making it very easy to play for my small hands. I am second owner, obviously guitar is basically unplayed, flawless mint condition, strings when I got it today were many many years old. Zero fret wear. It is brilliant white with rosewood fingerboard and black hardware. I purchased from a pawn shop in Idaho that had it on ebay for I think a quite decent price. I called them and got them to close the auction early for me with a buy it now price. Absolutely lovely guitar and I love the shorter scale and 24 frets. What an evolution in Stratocasters.
I got the case later on ebay, only molded plastic one I've seen, no idea when or for what guitar it was made.

Edit: Interior shots added to show "swimming pool" routing with battery cavity and EMG pickup designations. (EMG dating IA means 1991 - A=1, B=2, C=3,etc) I got it with a fugly tortoise pickguard (yuch) and changed it back to the original black one, which I think has a much cleaner look. This was my first "Real" Valley Arts, Pre-Samick.