Owner: Bengt Rotmo
Email: Withheld
Country: Norway
Model: Standard Pro Larry Carlton
S/N: VA01807
Year: 1991
For Sale: No

I bought the guitar new, early in the 90’thies. I swaped inn a PRS (with bolted neck) that i newer realy liked. As far as i remember it was a clean swap with no money involved. The VA was already as new set up with two Joe Barden pickups. Most likely done here in Norway by one of our best Luthiers Geir Falck. They had two almost identical guitars, the other was black with a white pickgard, also with JB’s. I had the VA untill 97-98, when i needed a B-bender. So i sold it to be able to buy a Fender. Always regreted that… The last couple of years I’ve been looking to find what i was stupid enough to sell. Finaly I found the same guitar, trought this web page, and who bought after it was listed here :-). The owner was kind to let it go. So now it is back where it should have been the whole time. It still is an amazing guitar, plays well. Some minor scratches, and some cracks in the paint around the neck plate.