Owner: John DeWald 
Email:  fuel0707@runbox.com
Country: Central Ohio
Model: Standard Pro
S/N: 844
Year: Ordered new but I can remember when, maybe 1993?
For Sale: Not unless someone wants to offer me an insane amount of cash.

 Originally ordered through A# Music Co. in Renton, WA, who were the number 1 VA dealer in the nation when I got mine. The guitar originally came with EMG pickups and I was able to get an 89 in the bridge with a push-pull pot on the tone control to split it. I also ordered the black-out look that Lyle Long at A# termed “the stealth guitar”. The only mod to the guitar is a pickup change, performed by A#. Lindy Fralins were installed (including a custom-wound bridge pickup) and the guitar was shielded. I still have the original fretboard protector and case. The bridge is the original Valley Arts-logo’d Kahler.