Owner: Wilko von Stein
Email: wilkovonstein@hotmail.com
Country: The Hague, The Netherlands
Model: Standard Pro
S/N: 654
Year: Bought second hand, december 1992
For Sale: Dont think so!

In december 1992 I purchased this used Standard Pro of which I am not sure about its history. Its scale is 7/8 and it has 24 frets. It is coloured what they called Trans Blue. At the back of the guitar, where the tummy cut reaches the spring cavity the painting hasnt been done that well as there are some tiny spots that seem to have had a little bit of a rusty colour in the mix. Hardly noticable, I just had to check out where they exactly are again, and it's on the backside anyway. The Trans Blues came with black hardware but the previous owner must have thought it looked much better having gold instead.
I agree. However, the gold replacements are Ibanez Edge tremolo and probably its accompanying locking nut, knobs and Schaller tuners. It surely gives the guitar a classy look but this Edge tremolo never belonged here. It's bulky overall and the rear end is too large to fit in the cavity. I reduced spring tension a bit so that the tremolo's "behind" sticks out a little higher allowing the tremolo to travel in both directions. The pickups are an EMG SA-SA-85 set. Finally, its serial number confuses me. On the back of the headstock it says 0654, that's all. No preceding "VA". The Neckplate is made of plastic and also has no traces of Valley Arts insciptions though that may have been usual on the Standard Pro series. It may also have been replaced. I remember having the original warranty card that came with it and it mentioned VA at their USA address. Think I still have it somewhere. So finally, the question arises: Is this a real (although hybrid) Valley Arts or has is been one of Samick's first attempts to Koreanize this outstanding model. No matter what the answer is, I am going to keep and keep on playing this guitar!