Owner: Ed Satoer
Email: ed-sharon@zonnet.nl
Country: The Netherlands
Model: Standard Pro
S/N: 396
Year: The Netherlands
For Sale: Not anymore after I played on it for the first time!

Just like it's brother with SN 0397. Black, 7/8, Floyd Rose bridge etc. I bought the guitar on internet (on a site like ebay) from someone else in Holland. He had a guitarshop replace the original black pickguard with a pearlish one to make it more "exciting". I agreed with him on this, but I made sure that I got the original guard with me, just in case. He had also a custom pro (which I initially searched for). That one was sadfully not for sale. I still want a Custom Pro particularly the Luke model. Cause he's of course the reason I (like everybody) wanted a VA in the first place. But apart from Luke the sound of the standard pro is really outstanding! It's completely in balance and what a sustain. By the way I spoke with Luke! in 2006 when he was touring with El Grupo. He still has his VA's and plays them once in a while. I said that I like the sound of the VA's more then the Musicman. He startled a bit. I added quickly that it doesn't matter on which guitar he's playing. Give the man a Tokai and he still makes it sound good!