Owner: Sam Ash
Email: sam.ash@samashmusic.com
Country: Long Island, New York, USA
Model: Standard Larry Carlton (#100/100)
S/N: VA01848
Year: 1991
For Sale: Never Was, Never Will Be.

all stock, #100/100 autographed. My story. The guitar is 100% original except for one thing…the writing on the factory painted finish under the factory lacquer??? I always loved Valley Arts, I always loved P90’s and I always loved Larry Carlton. I have had the pleasure of meeting him a few times and was impressed with him as a person as much as I was always impressed with his playing.

When he was wounded in 1989 I felt so bad that a member of the music and guitar community and a great person was injured and so close to being killed. When I found out that he would be recovering and the wounds weren’t life threatening I was so glad for him and his Family. My spirits were further lifted when I found out he was going back on the road. I found out from my friend Richard at VA that a small batch of guitars were being produced under the LC signature I had a brain storm (brain fart?). I had them send me the very last one in production (I have a serial number thing, hence 100/100) sealed and painted but not lacquered.

I got tickets to the sold out show at the Blue Note and with guitar in hand I met with Larry back stage, we exchanged pleasantries. At first he didn’t understand why the guitar didn’t have a gloss finish on it, when I explained he laughed. This was his first gig on the East Coast since his attack and I had him sign the back of the guitar “Sammy – I’m Back! Larry Carlton”. I sent the guitar back to VA, they finished the process and they sent it back to me with a signature that can never wear off. Now I have a killer guitar and a great story to go with it. Before Gibson and "ick", VA really had a thing going. Some of the necks were a little unstable but the guitars were pretty ahead of their time. If another "real" one comes along I might just be interested again. Thanks, Sammy