Owner: Tommi Salminen
Email: Tommi.Salminen@nordea.com
Country: Finland
Model: Larry Carlton Standard (#1/100)
S/N: VA01131
Year: New 5/1991
For Sale: No

All Stock: Trans Cream, #1/100 autographed, original strings, plastic on pickguard, OHSC. Purchased from Mickey Mcguire, Mike's son: "My dad is pretty sure that this was the guitar Larry used in the ad run in guitar player magazine and the literature we used to send to dealers and hand out at NAMM."
From the new owner:
I can now confirm you that I am the new owner of VA01131!
I just attached couple of quick pics to prove it; I’ll send you better ones later.
I am very happy with this instrument! It is in a perfect condition and now I am just getting used to it. I have three other tele type guitars, but this one has so much different dimensions and feel :)
Added new pictures 5/20/17