Owner: Thomas Bruhin
Email: thomas@mediasonics.ch
Country: 4148 Pfeffingen, Switzerland
Model: M Series 7/8 Tele
S/N: VA6451
Year: 1990, bought used in 1996
For Sale: No

Here comes a longer story: The guitar is mostly original (Hardware like Tuners, Tailpiece and bridge). The electronics changed a lot. The former owner ripped out the EMG Pickups and replaced them with Seymour Duncans. He also installed a coil split switch between the volume and tone control. I for myself had Joe Barden pickups (quite impossible to get a super clean sound on the Fender VibroKing with those ones) in there, then also Seymour Duncans until finally in 2002 I got the DiMarzio Bluesbuckers installed. Those sound terrific in this guitar. The bridge pickup is wired to the Split-Switch so I am able to run it in parallel or in series mode. I still have the original gold pickup surroundings which came with the EMGs but since they are made of metal they interfere with the passive pickups now found on the guitar. That's why I replaced them with Gibson like cream ones.