Owner: Alex Weidner
Email: himself@alexweidner.com
Country: Munich, Germany
Model: M Series Standard
S/N: VA5956
Year: Bought new in 1990 from Lake Placid Guitar Shop in Munich
For Sale: Never

It’s the »dinky« model with a very comfortable small body and only two knobs (Vol, Tone). Floyd Rose Trem (replaced in 2004 caused by heavy corrosion), EMG SA/SA/81. Every VA owner knows the pain changing the battery (pulling the strings off, unscrew the whole pickguard etc.), so I had a professional in Munich who put a battery case in the backside in 2004. Absolutely no change in tone or feel, but a giant relief. I would recommend this to everyone who regularly plays his VA, like I do. Lots of dings and dongs, but this thing is 20 Years old and well used over the time, so what. I still love her so much.