Owner: Jeffrey Poll
Email: jrpoll@home.nl
Country: Tilburg, The Netherlands
Model: M Series Deluxe
S/N: 0190
Year: used 1999
For Sale: Not in this lifetime. Maybe swap for my previously sold Custom pro Larry Carlton Custum signature tobacco sunburst, P90 (many many regrets)

Black, swapash body, ebony fretboard, birdseye maple neck. Chrome hardware. Floyd Rose bridge, nut, VA machine heads. Pick-up set is EMG SV/SV/89. I'm the one and only original owner en wil be the rest of my life, UNLESS THE CURRENT OWNER OF MY PREVIOUSLY OWNED LC CUSTOM DOESN'T SHOW UP! Bought this axe to make the pain of selling the LC ustom less, and she really did! I use it in a drop D tuning, and man, she really ROCKS YOUR SOCKS OFF!