Owner: Takis Kokkalis
Email: tkodes@otenet.gr
Country: Athens, Greece
Model: M Series
S/N: 311
Year: I bought her used in October 2007 from Tokyo. I was told that she was made in 1991 or 1992.
For Sale: Definitely Not

The body is made of 1 piece Honduras Mahogany ( rare wood these days ). The neck is one piece birdseye maple with rosewood fingerboard and pearl dot inlays. The pickups are the original factory placed EMGs. There is only a volume control. The hardware color is chrome and she is finished in dark metallic blue. Also, the output jack is an unusual mirror like type. This guitar is ALL ORIGINAL, RARE and is a ONE OF A KIND. This guitar was custom ordered like a prototype. Originally, the customer wanted a "Robot" ( Some of those guitars were illegally made in Japan ). However, although he was a big Lukather fan, he changed his mind at the last moment and he ordered this guitar according to his specs. Thank God for this!!! So, he ordered a guitar made of the same woods, same backround color - dark metallic blue as the "Robot", BUT with one knob (volume), 22 frets and a different output jack to match with the rest of the chrome parts. Indeed, this guitar is very rare because was never been released as production series such as normal M series and is the only one in the world. This also justifies the serial number A 311. As an instrument is made extremely well. The weight is just perfect and balances very well on the shoulder. The fretwork is excellent. The neck has a C shape, very comfortable and is a bit thicker than the usual USA Custom Pro. Overall is a very well made guitar as expected from a custom order. Now, THE SOUND ? Tell me about it. Very loud and extremely clear. Every note comes out like a bullet with huge amount of sustain. Superb highs and very nice compression for the lows and the mids. Really, a guitarist's leathal weapon to be used against a bad studio engineer. Using this guitar you are never going to be lost in the mix.