Owner: George Landress
Email: george@emilysbasement.com
Country: Los Angeles, CA
Model: Custom Strat
S/N: VA0079
Year: New, built by Mike McGuire, I purchased it approx 1983, 84? (I am the original owner)
For Sale:

Body is Bass Wood, Neck is (maple?) Dimarzio with Ebony fret board, Kahler Trem, Anderson Pick-Ups, Gotoh tuners. *Mike warned me that Bass wood wasn't the best choice for a good sustained sound. I was hard pressed with a limited budget and that was the criteria for my choice. The fact is, the guitar sounds awesome! Simply the best electric guitar I have ever owned and played. The sound and sustain of the instrument turned out perfect and the lightness of the Bass wood made the overall instrument very comfortable to wear and play! No doubt, anything Mike put his hands on came out absolutely perfect! The instrument has never been modified! It is as it always has been! I religiously use Ernie Ball 9's on it and still keep it very active in my studio to this day. 
My affiliation: I am a proud ex employee of Valley Arts Guitar. I worked for Mike and Al from 1979-1989. It was a joyous and an incredible part Of my life. A wonderful group of friends and colleagues. Very warm, very supportive. I will always be grateful for my experience there!