Owner: John Clay
Email: N/A
Country: unknown
Model: Custom Pro, 7/8s
S/N: VA0796
Year: 1990
For Sale: No

Original owner, all original guitar with case, fret protector - one of the gold Floyd saddles cracked during string changes and I could only get a black replacement at the time and I left it like that as it made it a bit more distinctive, always think it looks like a bad tooth ! Swamp Ash body ( ? ), Maple neck w Rosewood fretboard, original EMGs, Floyd Rose. Really nice condition despite lots of gigs, although the gold finish to the hardware is tarnished. 
Bought new Dec 1990 from Thoroughbred Music in Tampa, Florida. Made in 1990 and signed in the neck socket by Mike McGuire
Not currently for sale, one of the floyd saddles cracked years ago and the only replacement I could find at the time was a black one so I've left it - it makes it more identifiable. Everything else is 100% stock.