Owner: Patrick Nehrkorn 
Email: patkorn@redbush.de
Country: Germany and South Africa
Model: Custom Pro
S/N: VA0794
Year: New, 1993 @ Cherry Music in Braunschweig, Germany
For Sale: No
Specs: pls correct me if I am wrong ;-): specs the same as described in VA0789(Pretty much, B ;) - also beautiful sound due to broad harmonic spectrum, especially when played clean but has a tendency to become slightly muddy with heavy distorted power-chords due to that fact. Otherwise a great singing lead instrument with it's own unique character. Are you the original owner? Yes! If guitar has been modified if known, any special story about it, etc. The guitar is in it's original state and is frequently utilized for home recordings, as well live performances now and then. The frets and electronics (contacts, jack etc) have been overhauled and string mechanics re-fine-tuned by Rob Drake (alias "The Guitar Doctor") in Cape Town, South Africa.