Owner: Matt Haslett
Email: matthaslett@gmail.com
Country: London, UK
Model: Custom Pro
S/N: VA0755
Year: 05/11/90
For Sale: No

Trans green, ash, rosewood fretboard, gold hardware, EMG pickups, 7/8's scale, all original. Swamp ash body, bird’s eye maple neck, rosewood board, 3 position switch, EMGs, Floyd Rose locking system, gold hardware, 24 fret. Original case with fret guard, warranty card, headstock tagger, bumper sticker. Found recently in Aberdeen, Scotland. The story is that the importer stashed 7 Valley Arts guitars away for about 20 years. The previous owner was a friend of the importer and managed to persuade him to sell one for his son’ birthday present. They owned it for about 18 months. Completely mint and virtually unplayed.