Owner: Withheld
Email: Withheld
Country: The Netherlands
Model: Custom Pro
S/N: VA0633
Year: 02/23/90
For Sale: No

Pearl white finish with body decal, White active EMG pickups (SSH), Chrome Schaller bridge with locking nut, Fretwave system installed (see 'image3' below), Rosewood fretboard, OHSC. Martin: "This was run #2, completed March of 1990. There was 20 guitars in this run of which most went to our Australian Distributor, MUSIC LINK. Your guitar should be PEARL WHITE, alder body, 25.5 scale length, maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, chrome hardware, EMG pickups, white/black/white pickguard, with a body decal. Your guitar was completed and went through QC on February 23, 1990. We also wrote it in the neck pocket and on the neck. The date will be different there because this date was during the building process."