Owner: withheld
Email: withheld
Country: USA
Model: Custom Pro "Snuffy"
S/N: VA0590
Year: 05/11/90
For Sale: Only when I die!

I got this guitar third hand from my good friend, Lee Slater. This guitar was originally bought from the Valley Arts shop in California. The original owner had completed the warranty card but never sent it back to the shop. Lee christened it “hunnybunny” due to the colour. Opening the case for the first time is a visual treat rarely experienced, especially if you like figured maple. The grain and finish make this guitar stand out above the rest. The EMG pickups (SA/SA/85) are very consistent at all venues. The body is heavily contoured and the neck profile is very comfortable. I’d say a cross between a C shaped Fender neck and a 1960 sunburst Les Paul. So, not too fat and not too chunky. The huge slab of Ebony that makes up fingerboard contributes not only to the feel of the neck but also the tone. Most Custom Pro’s appear to be quite dark acoustically but when you plug them in they come alive! This one is no exception. The guitar weighs in at about 8Ib 4oz. That’s pretty heavy for a Strat shaped guitar but remember, that body is a solid lump of maple.