Owner: Michael Casswell - RIP
Email: michaelcasswell@yahoo.co.uk
Country: London UK
Model: Custom Pro
S/N: VA0555
Year: Ordered at the factory by me, after an introduction to Mike McGuire, by Steve Farris of Mr Mister - neck date 1988
For Sale: No....but everything has a price!

 I'm the original owner(and it has my name on the back neck plate... i think this makes it a custom custom). It's a very very light swamp ash body with a birdseye maple neck. It was the most resonant body Mike McGuire could find in the factory, and rings forever. It has a floyd (although this i number 3..... i tend to wear them out!!) I originally ordered it with a white scratch plate and seymour duncans, but a few months later, i had the factory send me the black emg loaded pickguard, which i swapped over, and it has stayed there ever since. I still have the white guard and pick ups. I own a lot of high end and vintage guitars, but this has always been my number one. It has been all over the world with me, and has played thousands of shows. More recently, i have been doing a lot of instructional dvds for LickLibrary, and you can hear this guitar(and my other va's) on various dvds...... clips of which are on youtube( just punch in my name).