Owner: Manuel Marcos
Email: withheld
Country: Germany (Gummersbach) near Cologne
Model: Custom Pro
S/N: VA0442
Year: 1989
For Sale: Don t ask before its 2075, than I am 110 Years!

7/8 Size ,1 Piece Quilted Maple Body, Birdseye Neck with Ebony Fingerboard. Treble/Bass Boost ( I forgot the Name - SPC, SPX ??). Switch on/off for every P.u. I became the Guitar with a Vintage Tremolo by Di Marzio because I don t wanted a FR or Kahler. The other altenative were a Stop Tailpiece, but its looks too strange for me on a Strat. So I ve asked for a normal Tremolo. A few years later I changed to a Wilkinson VS-100.