Owner: Jason Wilcox
Email: jazzguitar_jase@hotmail.com
Country: Christchurch, New Zealand
Model: Custom pro
S/N: VA0268
Year: 1987
For Sale: No

 I purchased this guitar at Hudsons, a salvage store in Gulfport, Mississippi around 1992. I am the original owner, it was apparently in some kind of fire and had been written off by as smoke damaged, and there was a LOAD of gear in the shop that was in good shape but went to the insurance company anyway.... It must have been a wholesale factory or some big music shop somewhere that got smoked out. Stuff was going at 60% off RRP! I paid just under $900 for it. The whammy bar was lost in the sale somewhere, or stolen... when I first viewed it in the shop it was there, but gone by the time I bought the guitar. I got a stainless one from a shop in new orleans that fits the kahler just fine. Their service sucked but thats another story...
Originally it had a solid purple finish which began to flake off around 2003. I had it stripped and varnished, revealing the birdseye maple neck and nicely figured body, i dont know what it is, i guess alder. The EMG bucker failed within a year but EMG shipped me a new one at no cost, bless them. The locking nut has been replaced with an easier-to-use model.