Owner: Gino Corbett
Email: Withheld
Country: East Sussex, UK
Model: Custom Pro
S/N: VA01939
Year: 1992
For Sale: Never!

Quilted maple body; birdseye maple neck; ebony fingerboard; EMG's; Kahler bridge
I'm the original owner. It goes like this. John Smithson played bass with Jason Bonham in his band – Bonham - in the late 80's/early 90's. John's brother Eddie Smithson was Jason Bonham's drum technician. Eddie had a connection with a VA employee (name not known). Everyone in the band owned a VA guitar. One day in 1989 or thereabouts I played a studio session with the band and was handed one of their numerous VA's to try as substitute for my vintage Les Paul. I played about twelve of them in all (who needs sex?). Having the chance to play so many in one afternoon - choosing the spec for me was a tough decision, but I had to make it. Eddie duly contacted his friend at VA. Three years later (1993?) I had a call from Eddie in California to say that there was a Custom Pro on the stand at the NAMM Show with my exact spec. His friend at VA had told him "if you want it - come and get it. Now!" Eddie immediately drove 600 miles and bought it for me. I think this was 1993. We were told that Mike McGuire's son did the body.