Owner: Jeffrey Poll 
Email:  jrpoll@home.nl
Country: Tilburg, The Netherlands
Model: Custom Pro Bent S
S/N: VA01732
Year: Bought new ... Huh, a very very long time ago
For Sale: Not in this lifetime

Trans green, ash body with quilted maple top, rosewood fretboard, birdseye maple neck. Gold hardware. Kahler Steeler bridge (with VA logo), Kahler nut, VA machine heads. Original pick-up set was EMG SA/SA/89 but was modified into Seymour Duncans 2x Cool rails (neck and middle) and an Alan Holdsworth in the bridge. Why? I don't know...I just like to experiment with pick-ups. I'm the one and only original owner en wil be the rest of my life. When I saw it the first time, I immediately fell in love with this guitar. I instantly knew she was made for me.