Owner: Dick Roemermann
Email: dickenkim@hotmail.com
Country: The Netherlands
Model: Custom Pro Lukather model
S/N: VA01722
Year: I bought in 2005 (third owner)
For Sale:  No way - took me five years to find one!

 swamp ash body, birdeye neck with rosewood fingerboard, Ivory EMG's. Original Floyd Rose was replaced by a new one. I had several other Valley Arts guitars (including VA0839 on this item - I was second owner - bought it from German guy.) but they all were 7/8 size. I'm really into the "Strat" sounds so I always wanted a full size. This signature guitar I bought from a customer in the music store I work in; I knew he had it - I told him that I wanted it! I gave him couple of weeks to get used to the idea and then I bought it! (This guy has had regrets ever since!) In the summer of 2005 I had Luke to sign it for me in Germany!