Owner: Withheld
Email: Withheld
Country: Canada
Model: Custom pro
S/N: VA0155
Year: Mid to early 80s (I DO have the original receipt somewhere and I am the original owner)
For Sale: No

Red Fireburst Quilted Maple (1-piece), Gold Floyd Rose. The neck is one piece Birdseye maple with an ebony fingerboard, 25 1/2" scale neck. I don’t remember the exact year I bought it, but I had Mike build it around the guitar Luke’s was playing at the time (before the Luke Signature Series came out,) so whatever “his” specs were back then, these would be the same. (However, as can be seen by the photos, this guitar had many more “switching” capabilities than Luke’s signature model had. 3-positions (one/off) for each single coil p/u, mid-boost, direct to humbucker lead switch.) After playing it for several years I wanted to brighten up the sound a bit more with my rack I was using so I had Lindy Fralin custom wind some pick ups to replace the EMG originals. This gave it more of the crystal “strat sound” between the 1st & 2nd /3rd & 4th (mid) positions I was going after, without losing the brilliant humbucker lead sound that VA & Luke was known for. I still have the original EMGs somewhere in storage, but I prefer the Fralin set-up much more. Don’t really want to part with this very special guitar, but finances dictate otherwise at the moment so feel free to make an offer while I am in the mood. This is one of the few remaining “originals” that Mike build himself upstasirs at the Ventura store. (PS: If you are interested, I will take some better high-res photos and send tem to you.)