Owner: Dugur Jab
Email: harley412@sina.com
Country: Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, P. R. China
Model:  Custom Pro
S/N: VA01334
Year: 1991
For Sale: No

1 piece quited maple body, birdeye maple neck, ebony fretboard, 22 frets, H-S-H Sadowsky pickups (original EMG pickups were replaced) , 5 way switch with coil tap on tone knob, Schaller Folyd Rose Tremolo System. I bought the gutar from a music store in Hongkong in July, 2013. It is said to be from a musician there. I have searched for a VA Custom Pro for over 6 years as two of my friends who are also my idols in the field of music use it. Now my dreams come true! The guitar really sounds GREAT!!!