Owner: Jean-François Soubelet
Email: soubelet.jf@gmail.com
Country: Paris (France)
Model:  Custom Pro
S/N: VA01328
Year: I purchased this guitar in 1995 from my former guitar teacher who bought it in New York City in 1992
For Sale: No

This guitar has been slightly modified in 1996 with the addition of a small switch (between volume and tone knobs, see pics) enabling to switch on the bridge pick up at any time by luthier Didier Duboscq. All the frets will be renewed and a special battery box will be added into the body (the battery underneath the pickguard is a hassle!, that's is ONE AND ONLY weakness of this guitar). I built my guitar skills and personal sound with this instrument. I've been through ups and down during my practicing hours. EMG pickups are known to be colder than other pickups but they're GREAT to learn how to play well with the hands (no tiny mistake is spared). I play jazz, pop, metal, rock with this guitar, always with a huge tone. Versatility, professionalism, tone : I'll never quit my Valley Arts! Maybe I'll buy a Gibson Les Paul or a Fender Telecaster to get an older sounder but I'm not in a hurry.